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Retirement and Insurance Funds | An excellent way to donate to a charity is by naming it as the ultimate beneficiary (after your death) of a retirement plan or life insurance policy.

If you leave your retirement fund, such as an IRA or 401(k), to your children, it will be subject to both estate tax and income tax. If you donate the retirement fund to NYF instead, upon your death, the fund will avoid income tax and estate taxes. Some donors leave less tax-vulnerable assets to their heirs and choose NYF as the ultimate beneficiary of their retirement plan or life insurance.

Designating NYF as the beneficiary of all or part of a life insurance policy that is no longer needed for its intended purpose can be an excellent donation, and may also provide you with substantial tax benefits.

It’s easy to do: Simply ask your retirement account manager or life insurance agent for a beneficiary designation form and name the Nepal Youth Foundation as the beneficiary. The entire transaction should take less than half an hour.

For More Information
To discuss how you can support impoverished children in Nepal through planned giving or to receive a free Estate Planning Kit, please call NYF at (415) 331-8585 or email Although NYF does not offer professional legal advice, our planned giving consultant can work with your tax advisor to find the best solution for you. All information is provided confidentially and without any obligation.

If you have already included NYF in your planned giving, please share this with us so we can thank you properly and keep you informed of our programs and plans.