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Scholarships to Boarding School for Needy Kids

Some children have literally nowhere to live – no family or no roof over their head. Others were trafficked for labor, found as child beggars, abandoned by their families at hospitals, or worse. We put these children in good boarding schools, with a few exceptions, in Kathmandu. NYF currently supports dozens of boarding school students. We pay all their living and school costs, as well as medical expenses; and they often participate in holiday celebrations at J and K House.

The students range in age from first grade through high school. Since most of these children have no other adults in their lives, the Nepal Youth Foundation fills the role of parent or guardian. NYF provides them with high quality educations, as well as housing, medical care, clothing, and counseling or private tutoring if necessary. Social workers maintain close contact with the students, develop personal relationships with them, and provide essential guidance and counseling. They also discuss the student’s academic progress with their teachers and headmasters and address any problems that arise.

These children are available to be sponsored. Sponsors receive letters from their child twice a year, as well as photographs and information on the child’s academic progress. There are many more potential boarding school students than we can currently serve. Sponsors are greatly needed.

Our Kathmandu staff and field workers thoroughly check on each child’s progress before giving the next year’s scholarship. Several of the youngsters we have educated are now supporting younger siblings in school, and many have begun working in social service.

Learn about the wide range of options for sponsoring students