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Community Programs | Schools, Teachers, & Classrooms

In addition to giving scholarships, the Nepal Youth Foundation builds schools and classrooms, trains teachers, and contributes teaching materials. This vastly improves the quality of education that students receive and reduces the number of children who drop out.


Improving classrooms | In some schools in Nepal, the children have to sit on the bare ground, which is unimaginably cold in winter. But most have furniture of sorts—long, unfinished, narrow boards for benches and desks. We visited one classroom where the „desks“ and „chairs“ were piles of bricks from a local kiln.

Other „schools“ consist of a dirt-floored shed from which the cow is evicted during school hours. Some villages don’t have even this. With no school building, the children try to learn outdoors in the searing heat of summer and the numbing cold of winter, sitting on empty rice bags brought from home, as the teacher runs from one group of children to another with the blackboard and chalk.

To meet this challenge, NYF has been building additional classrooms, especially in rural western Nepal where, as a result of our Indentured Daughters program, more than ten thousand young girls have been brought home from their servitude to attend school. Some of the schools were on the verge of collapse, with far too many kids to fit into the classrooms. We have constructed dozens of additional classrooms to resolve this problem, and we have plans to build far more.

We recently visited a school attended by some of the girls supported by our innovative, multifaceted Danuwar Rai program and discovered that the students were sitting on a dirt floor that turns to mud in the rainy season. Many of the children were in a room without windows or any other ventilation. The Nepal Youth Foundation constructed a new building at the school, so the children can now sit on benches and study in clean and comfortable conditions.

Teacher Training | Most of the teachers in rural Nepal have had no training at all (and are craving it), and we sponsor teacher-training courses for   hundreds of teachers. The teachers we train pass on what they learn to their colleagues. This multiplies the impact of the training, which is important since we don’t yet have the funds to train all who are asking for it.

Since most of the classrooms contain only a blackboard and chalk, we also provide teaching aids to some of the schools, including vivid illustration materials, charts of the Nepali alphabet and numbers, and much more.