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Basic principles and values are the core of every organization. These are its „character,“ distinguishing it from others. As part of our responsibility to our many supporters, we share our core values here.

Our Mission

The Nepal Youth Foundation offers hope and opportunity to Nepal’s most impoverished children by providing them what is every child’s birthright: vital healthcare, education and a safe environment.

Our goals

• Increase access to education for children in Nepal
• Improve the quality of education available in the country
• Improve the health of children throughout Nepal
• Empower Nepali youth to achieve their potential
• Enable girls in Nepal to receive equal treatment and education

How we achieve our goals

• We take a highly personal approach to the children and families we serve, even when that takes more time and energy.
• We emphasize the development of personal and social responsibility in the children we support.
• We support only children who have no other opportunity for education or a better life.
• We deeply admire and respect Nepalese culture and society, and strive to promote them in the children.
• We protect and promote the family unit wherever possible.
• We serve Nepalese children and hire staff without regard to caste, religion, disability, ethnicity, or political affiliation. We actively foster tolerance and diversity.
• We are non-proselytizing and unaffiliated with any religious group.

How we develop and implement programs and commitments

We take seriously the trust that a dependent child places in us. We ensure that we have the necessary financial and logistical stability before we take on children who will depend entirely on us. We will not abandon these children once they enter our fold (they have been abandoned enough in their lives).

Likewise, we ensure that we have sufficient logistical and financial support in launching programs before making promises to Nepalese communities.
Since we cannot do everything, we do thoroughly what we can do – whether a small act or a major program – from inception to completion and follow-up.

We manage NYF’s growth carefully, developing programs in the context of local need, potential, and participation – not in terms of organizational ambition. We favor „slow but sure“ growth that involves Nepali communities and organizations.

At the same time, we value our nimble ability to cut through red tape and act quickly – and strategically – exactly when needed.
We prioritize interventions that can make significant, enduring improvements in children’s lives. For this reason we emphasize education, the only way an orphaned or poor child in Nepal can break out of the cycle of poverty.

We creatively „bundle“ our interventions with sustainability measures. For instance, while we restore a malnourished child’s health, we teach his or her mother how to prepare locally available foods to prevent future malnourishment. We also train mothers to share this valuable information with other families back at their villages.

How we manage our internal affairs

Because we are passionate about our mission, we are fiscally prudent, working „in the black“ so we are able to deliver on our commitments.
We take great pride in stretching the reach of every dollar donated to us. Because we work in a developing country, we can accomplish so much within our budget. We feel enormously responsible to our donors‘ generosity.

We see ourselves as the „arms and legs“ of people around the world who want to help children. These people – our donor partners – have expressed their values through philanthropy, entrusting their intentions with us. We keep our donors informed of the outcomes they make possible.
In Nepal, we are astute but generous in sharing resources, whether logistical or financial, with other Nepalese efforts to help impoverished children and families.

We operate with integrity, transparency, and high ethical standards. While we are motivated by compassion, we carry out our work with professionalism. Underlying NYF’s work is a group of capable professionals who bring years of experience and skill to our mission. Our work involves not only love for children but development of systems, follow-through, and endless details, all tuned toward the single goal of enhancing our ability to help the children.

Our Capacity

The Nepal Youth Foundation’s staff in Nepal has a wealth of experience with operating effective programs that help children in sustainable ways. They are entirely Nepali and are deeply committed to improving the plight of disadvantaged children in Nepal. Between NYF and our partner organizations throughout Nepal, 150 staff members implement our projects. Learn about our financial capacity.

Program Evaluations

We evaluate our programs regularly to determine how they can be more effective. The evaluations include measuring the outcomes of each program on the children we help, their parents, and their communities, comparing these outcomes to similar metrics in previous years, and comparing the health and academic progress of children we support to the national averages in Nepal. Furthermore, we have a comprehensive evaluation from an outside firm every five years, and the Social Welfare Council of the government of Nepal evaluates our organization every five years.

Please contact us at if you would like more information.

The Nepal Youth Foundation’s Privacy Policy:
The privacy of each and every donor is respected. We do not share, sell, or otherwise distribute donor lists or personal information about our donors. We do not send mailings on behalf of other organizations. Please contact us at or
(415) 331-8585 if you have changed your contact information or if you have questions about the information we collect. Our records are kept secure using the latest encryption methods.