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NYF’s Freedom Loan Fund on ABC7 News!

From child slaves to free business women — a transformation in Nepal.

Many thanks to ABC7 News for telling the story of our campaign to end the Kamlari system of child slavery. This 3-minute video shows the former Kamlaris at work in their new businesses, and talks about the co-op loan program that is making this transformation possible.

Please share this video with family and friends, and let them know they can help by joining the Freedom Loan Fund Campaign. With your support, we’ll give hundreds of former child slaves in Nepal the opportunity to start a business and make a new life.


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  1. Nancy Hill

    30 girls in college! Hooray for Olga! Little did I know, when we met in Kathmandu so long ago, how far reaching your first programs would become. You are so blessed, Olga, and so are we, and the children in Nepal.

    Olga for Queen!

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