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A Video Message from the Girls of Nepal


Krishna Chaudhary, a girl who was freed from child slavery by the Nepal Youth Foundation, sends a message to the world on International Day of the Girl.

It’s about the end of child slavery and the beginning of freedom and education.

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Comments (7)

  1. Judy Koven Ringdahl

    What an impressive young woman. Wonderful that she was freed. And I’m sure she represents many more.
    Her broad smile invites you in and you want to know what she is going to say. My guess is that she will go far as many already

    To think this all all started with Olga Murray — truly amazing. Olga gets my kudos, hearty applause and support.

  2. Paul Siemering

    What a wonderful young woman Krishna
    is! and how great that Olga and Nepal Youth freed her and sent her to school. I love Nepal Youth Foundation!

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  4. Ganesh Shretsha

    Good example of NYF work. It helped to the girl’s education and empowered her to fight against child slavery.

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