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Olga Murray receives an Honorary Doctorate

Honorary Doctorate2On 16 May 2013 , Dr. Olga D. Murray, NYF’s founder, received an Honorary Doctorate from the Bank Street Graduate School of Education in honor of her outstanding contribution in educating children of Nepal. The award was presented amid an extraordinary commencement ceremony in New York.

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Congratulations to our HERO!!!
Nepal Youth Foundation

Comments (6)

  1. reeta kc

    Cong…mam………….we need people like you to change the world…and to shape the future of new generation….god bless you….

  2. Nancy Hill

    Congratulations, Olga! I’m sure this is long overdue. I am so grateful to have met you in Kathmandu so long ago (13 years?) and to be a small part of this network that supports your work. I am always inspired by your newsletters, and hope that I can be there for 2015. God Bless you and the children… actually, God Bless the world.

  3. Iryne Black

    congratulations Olga; you have accomplished so much for
    so many. You will always be an inspiration
    to others; the young and the old, rich and the poor; Nepalese
    or Californians…I am in awe of what you have done in your

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